Hyllie will lead the way towards Malmö becoming a sustainable city. To shoulder this responsibility, in February of 2011, the City of Malmö, VA SYD and E.ON signed a climate contract for Hyllie. Under this contract, the City of Malmö, VA SYD and E.ON, jointly undertake to lay the foundation for Hyllie to become the most climate-smart city district in the region of Öresund and a global benchmark for sustainable urban development.

Smart grids and smart energy solutions
By as early as 2020, Hyllie will be 100 percent sustained by renewable or recycled energy. Hyllie is at the forefront of the development of a sustain­able energy system. The area will integrate, for both electricity, heating and cooling, the smart networks and other intelli­gent energy solutions that will hallmark the future. Smart networks enable flexibility in the chain of consumption and can optimize the use of renewable energy sources through better control and monitoring. In Hyllie, people will actively be able to measure, monitor, control and influence their own energy consumption using smart energy solutions, and be able to independently produce energy.

Climate smart transportation
A sustainable approach to transportation, waste management and recycling are other key cornerstones in Hyllie. Malmö is the first major city in Sweden to introduce mandatory sorting of food waste. The food waste will be used to make biogas for such purposes as fueling buses and garbage trucks. In Hyllie solutions that will make recycling and waste sorting easy will be developed. For transportation Hyllie aims to make it easy to walk, bike or use public trans­portation instead of taking your car. The Malmö Central Station is a mere six minutes from Hyllie, and central Copenhagen is less than 30 minutes away. With bike the city and the sea are a 15-minute ride away on scenic bicycle paths. If you still need a car, there will be access to carpooling in Hyllie. It will also be easy to charge your electric car or fill up using biogas.

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