Scandinavia's most modern multi-purpose arena, Malmö Arena, is already complete at Station Square. In December, the first office block at Point Hyllie business centre will be ready. At the same time, a new rail link - the City Tunnel - will be opened. Trains will leave Hyllie Station every six minutes, reaching the centre of Malmö in three minutes and Copenhagen Airport in 12 minutes. This means that the residents of Hyllie will be as close to the world as the world will be to them.

Several more office blocks, an international exhibition centre, a hotel and a spectacular shopping centre - all featuring exciting architecture - will also be built around Hyllie's Station Square.

The city, E.ON and the municipal authority VA SYD signed in the beginning of 2011 what is called a climate contract, where they committed to turning Hyllie into the most climate-smart city district in the region and that its energy supply, at the latest in 2020, will consist of renewable or recycled energy entirely.

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With its 3.7 million inhabitants, the Öresund region is one of Northern Europe's most important and dynamic regions. Businesses and universities on both sides of the Sound work together in clusters and networks. Around 2018, the region will also gain a more direct link to Hamburg with the Fehmarn Belt Bridge.

The new rail link will make Hyllie an important communications hub within the region. Direct trains will run from Hyllie to the neighbouring city of Lund, where there are plans for two major research parks, ESS and MAX IV. Within a decade, the Öresund region is on track to become the world leader in materials research. Now is the time to grasp the opportunities that Hyllie offers.

In brief

Homes: A total of approx. 8,000, of which at least 30% will be rented
Jobs: A total of approx. 8,000
Shopping: Approx. 220 shops, restaurants and cafés
Multi-purpose arena: Capacity for 15,000 spectators
Exhibition centre: 17,000 m² (183,000 Sq Ft)
Hotel: Approx. 500 rooms
Tallest building: Point Hyllie, approx. 100 metres
Parking spaces: 5,000 car spaces, 1,300 bicycle spaces
Communications: Rail, city buses, regional buses, cycle paths, preparations for tram line


Journey times (train)

Malmö-Copenhagen: 30 minutes
Hyllie-Copenhagen Airport: 12 minutes
Hyllie-Malmö Central Station: 6 minutes
Hyllie-Malmö City Centre: 3 minutes
Hyllie-Lund: 19 minutes